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For Jo.

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Song 1 - Just so you remember the old days at Metro. This is one one my favorite memories, especially since it was probably the best performance Metro has ever seen. Of course, the meaning is obviously true. I'll be okay if you stand with me.

Song 2 - Kay, one of the more cheesier ones, but it's the honest truth. Keep your head up because there are people (like me) who see you as such an blessing in their lives. I thought it went along well with our whole "sky" thing. You're a rainbow.

Song 3 - Let's take a moment and give a shout out to Ellie Goulding. Amazing song. This is also cheesy (but who cares because the whole thing is) and also just a reminder in case you ever wonder how long I will love you.

Song 4 - Not really a friendship or love song but the lyrics say "you have to be lost before you get found" so if you are ever wondering what you're doing with your life, that's the main thing to remember. The whole song questions life's mysterious questions (that sounded cringey) but you gotta keep going.

Song 5 - No one is flawless, despite whatever anyone thinks. Thing song is just perfect because its like you and me, picking out our insecurities and handing them to each other and accepting it. (That sounded so corny.) We can't be who we are without our flaws.

Song 6 - A song for us for all the times we've gotten or will get frustrated with each other. We will forgive because there is too much in the past between us. We remember where we're from as we stare at the moon and sun (the same one).

Song 7 - A song for now and the future. The first line reminds me of Mr. Shivey. Shoutout to him and the nail file in his desk for you. But in case one day we grow apart and I look back and remember you, this is exactly what I want to say.

Song 8 - I'd be anything for you and I will never let our friendship go easily. I will fight for us.

Song 9 - Hope you lol'd at this because it's a major throwback to the talent show where we both sang her songs and you actually sounded good. I hope this made you smile because that was my intention. Despite the cheesiest friendship lyrics ever (this one wins it all) it's probably the greatest best friend message and it on point with all I have to say about my friendship that I have for you.

Hopefully you loved this and the letter will be on it's way soon. I love you lots and lots and I will always be here for you.