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Stolen (All That I Can Give)


a compilation of songs from the heart that speak of my love for a boy.

you are beautiful, you are radiant, you are nothing short of amazing, and i can only hope this manages to convey even half of how much you mean to me, because no words and no song could possibly do you justice, my shining star.

byun baekhyun, this is for you. ♥

9 tracks
3 comments on Stolen (All That I Can Give)

@aquathic thank you so, so much for listening and for the sweet comment! ;o; i'm very glad you liked the playlist, especially since this was made up of a lot of personal favourites and tribute songs!

wow!!! i love thiz mix soooooooo much!!! (❁´◡`❁) its AMAZING!!!!!!! i live every single soong!!! thanks for making it!!

cries thank you so much! ;; i'm really glad you enjoyed the songs i chose; they're some of my personal favourites and are all songs i hold close to my heart so ♥ thank /you/ very much for listening & commenting c: