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La roza enflorese


In the annotations of the songs, I've tried to include some history or information, though that is hard to do as there isn't much recorded. Below I have included a bit of history about the Sefardim and their music. I will try to add new songs to this playlist often! (i am no longer adding to this playlist. as my convoy of sefardi songs reaches over 100 of them, i plan to make more sefardi playlists on playmoss).

I've written a little intro on Sefardi history, languages, and music at the link below if you're interested in reading!

Last update: 28 agosto 2016, 6 songs added, english lyrics soon to be added, 30+ songs to be added
Cover art: 'Juive de Tanger' (Jewish woman of Tangier) Charles Landelle, 1874

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@ne que I'm so glad! i have tons to add and I hope I can get to that soon i'm just so busy right now :O thank you so much and l'shanah tovah! if you celebrate it!