It's been some time since Qubitrix first spun his way,
onto the underground music scene, and in that time he
has established a reputation as one of the most innovative
DJs of his generation. From mixing genres you wouldn't
think worked together, to creating new soundscapes with
his incredible beats. Qubitrix has come long way since his
very firs spinning session.

Qubitrix started playing music , back in 2007 and quickly
earned a name of Himself, in the Online podcasts. Interested
in music at a young age and influenced by genres inluding
Techno , Trance , Minimal, Qubitrix developed a unique style by
experimenting with innovative mixing methods and layering different beats.
Since 2013 when Qubitrix brust onto the Online music scene , He has developed
his sound to include more genres , more mixes and more crowd pleasing beats.
Performing on some of the biggest web radio stations , with some of the biggest
musical acts , Qubitrix is recognized as a true leader and innovator.

Member since Dec 2016