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"You don't know me..."


"You don't know me." A phrase that constantly surrounds Cari Talworth's very presence. People try to tell her what she is, what she isn't. She is Cari Talworth, she was possessed by a demon at the age of 14 and killed her family and destroyed her home. She is Cari Talworth, she was forced into the brothels until she was saved and taken to Sanctuary. She is broken. She is hurt. She is bitter. She still carries a remnant of the demon within her, a cloud of darkness over her heart and she fights it every day. She is quiet, she keeps her hurt and thoughts to herself. She holds it in until she shakes and it comes exploding out. She hurts those she loves. She hurts herself. And yet she keeps pushing on. You can't tell her how she is or what to do. You don't know her...

14 tracks