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Daughter of Durin

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A mix for Dis, sister of Thorin, mother of Fili and Kili, and last of the line of Durin.

  • Howard Shore By Hobbit th Desolation of Smaug by I See Fire
    Dreams of Erebor part 1
  • Anyone Can Whistle by jennchandler
    News from the Lonely Mountain
  • Guild Wars 2 Cover by Taylor Davis, Lara, and Malukah by Fear Not This Night
    Lullaby for Fili
  • Sleepsong by Secret Garden
    Lullabye for Kili
  • The Hobbit Main Theme by amanofscience
  • A Bitter Truth by Lorne Balfe
    What the dragon destroyed
  • Song of the Lonely Mountain by Neil Finn
    We will grow strong again
  • Mhysa by Ramin Djawadi
    Lead your people...
8 tracks