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Mean Green Mother From Outer Space

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If my ears were a mouth this playlist is a fine green cuisine. Of course, I'm one of maybe ten Caliborn fans in the world so I may have a bias.

@chrishalcome413 Thank you, I'm glad someone besides myself enjoyed this playlist. Also, I feel you, Caliborn is my precious trash son #Calibornprotectionsquad

@Queen of garbage Also, hey, try not to be too hard on yourself on the art. It's just one opinion, but I've seen a lot of art of Caliborn and love the character, and I think you did a fine job. You might be surprised how many people forget his glorious cheekbones, but you didn't! The fine cheekbones and broad shoulders of a man that gets things done is on full display here. "SERIOUSLY. CAN I GET A GOD DAMN?" And with that I'm out~ Keep on doing what ya do, because it doesn't go unappreciated.