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East Coast Party


More than 100 songs to feel like you are at the Lower Deck on a Sunday night in Halifax for a little East Coast fun. Great Big Sea, Mumford and Sons, Steve Miller Band, etc. plus a few favourites.

126 tracks
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How did I just find this playlist now? Born and raised in NS, have been living in Halifax for the last 6 years. This is fantastic!

At first I figured the East coast of America - the only "East coast" that ever gets acknowledged. But then I read "The Lower Deck" and was like YESSSSSSS NOVA SCOTIA ❤️

I was in total astonishment, when I discovered, after 5 hours of playing, that this is the same playlist I started with. During playing I was out of computer with friends and I guessed it's very great constellation of 8tracks artificial intelligence in choosing the right lists... Thanks a lot for great night :) Like it very very much!