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SOMETHING INBETWEEN✨ (a will x darcy mix)



"(...) He stops her in the middle of the street, grabs her, and while thinking of how much he misses her even when she’s right in front of him, he kisses her, tells her, begs her to never go.
Her trench coat swirls around their legs as he grabs her and twirls her around, a pool of beige and red inner lining. And maybe he’s an idiot (he probably is), but the colours seem a bit brighter, the traffic less noisy, and Darcy’s laughter a bit louder. And maybe that’s because he knows something, Will considers. Perhaps because William Edmund Marcus Ritz Jr knows that when he wakes up the next day, he’ll be waking up to a new world. And it’s definitely the good one."

11 tracks
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