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Midnight Moony


Late nights with mugs of warm milk held between rough hands that won't stop shaking, blue veins standing out on the backs of them. Looking at the world through a pane of coffee shop glass streaked with rain drops, a world of grey skies and damp leaves and late October air biting at red noses.

  • No Son of Mine by Genesis
  • Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots
  • Late Night Groove to 'So What' by Miles Davis
  • Roll the Bones by Rush
  • Hiding Tonight by Alex Turner
  • Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues
  • Empty Chairs At Empty Tables by Dante Pasquale
  • Me by The 1975
  • Human (Daughter Cover) by Jules & Chris
  • Swansea [Bombay Bicycle Club] by Ashen Hills.
10 tracks
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