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Raise the Flag

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the revolution will be fought / with arms of friends linked / and the blood of our enemies / mingled with our own ((a fanmix for the revolutionaries of Les Mis))

  • Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine
    it's always darkest / before the dawn
  • This is Why We Fight (The Decemberists) by bradboulet
    when we die / we will die / with our arms unbound
  • Ready aim fire by Imagine Dragons
    we don't have a choice to stay / we'd rather die than do it your way
  • Uprising by Muse
    they will not force us / they will stop degrading us / they will not control us / we will be victorious
  • CryoShell by Cryoshell
    now scattered you will run / left burning in the sun
  • Heaven Knows by The Pretty Reckless
    caught in the eye of a dead man's lie / start your life with your head held high
  • HALESTORM by Halestorm
    fill the glass / cuz the last few days / have kicked my ass / so let's give em hell / wish everybody well
  • You're The Voice [John Farnham] by Brendan Horn
    how long can we look at each other / down the barrel of a gun?
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