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goodnight. sleep tight.


A continuation of "go to bed, sleepyhead." Another full two hours of calm, lyric-less, melodies to sing you to sleep. for best results open another tab and go to rainymood.com

Part I: http://8tracks.com/spiffynerd/go-to-bed-sleepyhead

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Love this playlist! Put me right to sleep! Sad to see its not actually 2 hours long but it's such a great playlist that I'm not even disappointed. :)

i was directed here from my previous playlist, and to be honest this is more of what i was looking for. this is amazing and flavorful! thanks

@spiffynerd, i have been in love with this playlist since i found it in the summer. it has been my study playlist, sleep playlist, cleaning playlist, driving playlist, ... i just love it. thank you.