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hit the books (part II)


It's back! An eclectic mix of what's been circulating through my music library. Here's 100+ tracks to help you get through studying, writing, and general homeworking. Enjoy!

Part I: http://8tracks.com/spiffynerd/hit-the-books

Tracklist: http://bit.ly/1tnBslM

95 tracks
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thank you so much for this mix.. starting to study for my exams. this lets me sit at my study table for long undisturbed hours.

I'm glad there's finally a study playlist that's still chill enough to concentrate, but upbeat enough to keep me awake.

Do what with music? Upload and share? Just copy all the music into a folder in the Dropbox folder on your desktop and they will upload. once they are done, you can right click the folder and "share a link"