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i meant every word i said


loveless sorrow kindly borrowed, the only thing my soul's now hollow//

komahina is really nice?? also kamukoma?? the Line Is Blurred

this is spoilery in ways related to kamukura's existence obvs

art by まさかね: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3136154
tracklisting: http://pastebin.com/ADd0m7ir

8 tracks
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This is a wonderful playlist, I love it! Could I have a track list? I'd like to make this my go-to playlist for Komahina/Kamukoma, and I really want to download all the songs! This is fantastic!

@Rynn336 oh my gosh i swear i passed along a tracklist as well ;___; !! i fear that 8tracks marked my second comment as spam: I'm going to add it to the playlist's description, please let me know if that works!!