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Traveling with Music ツ (pt. 2)

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Creative Mind...Voices this time ツ

PT. 1

#Chinese Traditional
#Japanese Traditional
#Bamboo Flute

  • Pachelbel by pachelbel
  • Cutting Diamonds (Japanese koto board zither, Shakuhachi bamboo flute, taiko drums, and gongs) by ChameleonComposer
  • Izumi-Kai Original Instrumental Group by Classical Japanese Koto Music
  • Japanese Koto Orchestra by Nagare
  • Let's Lay Together by Isley Brothers
  • JAPANESE FLUTE by German Alejandro Mojocoa
  • Drum Solos Kitaro by Japanese Drums
  • Japanese Traditional Folk Music by Reiki
  • Chinese Music 4 Traditional by Centro Shin-to
  • Chang An Street by Dragonscaleproductions
  • Meditaton flute by Japanese Folk Music
  • 日本の民謡 Japanese Folk by 武田の子守唄 赤い鳥
  • Fantasy on a japanese folk song by XuiKoh
  • New Year's Lament /La Yue Chou by Dragonscaleproductions
  • Farewell Sweet Geisha by Dragonscaleproductions
  • Lantern Day by Dragonscaleproductions
16 tracks
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