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You're The Cream In My Coffee


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A collection of love songs from the 1920s and 30s that have unspecified/gender-neutral pronouns or have a queer subtext.

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This is probably the best queer early jazz mix I've heard on 8tracks. Good show! Thank you for this. If you were looking for another to add, "The Lavender Song" from 1921 is probably one of the earliest queer anthems, and really gives you all the feels.

This is a great playlist! P.S. If you are still looking to expand your playlist, "When I Take My Sugar to Tea" by the Boswell Sisters, a super catchy 30s song, is sung by women (obviously) about a woman.

@Knoire mY DOKI OMG!! im screaming im glad you like it <3 i literally just make these silly playlists for when im drawing/writing and making new characters, so im glad other people like them toooooooOoOo

duuude im glad you like the neutral songs too, i love when the genders are unchanged in song versions (so like a man sings about another man) they are the bestttttt

@Knoire omg i LOVE the neutral songs. i literally look for a gay subtext in EVERYTHING. and i agree, when the genders are unchanged, it is the best thing in the world hahaha