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Post-Nuclear Radio


A few songs to accompany you on your journey through the wastes, whether you're headed through the Commonwealth, New California, the Capitol Wasteland, or even the good ol' Mojave.

50's, 60's, and Nuclear oldies. A mostly New Vegas inspired mix.

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23 tracks
1 comment on Post-Nuclear Radio

helloooo~ first of all, i wanted to thank you for sharing your mixes on 8tracks throughout the years. as you're one of my favorite creators and the site is now closing, i was curious to know if you're posting mixes elsewhere (like spotify)? i'd love to continue following your work. if not, so long, and thanks for all the tunes!

@mau I didn't know the site was closing, so thanks for letting me know! I'll probably make a spotify under the same name, RabbitFlesh. See you there!

@RabbitFlesh i found you! :D i'm so happy to see some of your mixes up already <3 i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but i hope you'll share mixes in the future ;_; 8tracks was such a great resource