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It Only Hurts When I Love You


A Rhys/Jack playlist about their beautifully destructive love that you just can't look away from.

*Disclaimer: The art isn't mine

Note: I tried to not include songs used in other Rhack playlists. Even as they are awesome and fitting, I didn't want to be redundant.

17 tracks
2 comments on It Only Hurts When I Love You

Im not into the Rhack fluff stuff, just cause I can only see it being a super fucked up and kind of abusive relationship sort of deal, and even if its somehow not abusive its still fucked up, like....theyre both kinda loopy and Rhys is either power hungry or just broken.....or whatever...but yeah. This playlist is super perfect dude oh my god. Like, Honestly...I feel like even people who like the fluff would like this playlist.

@SadisticArtist I feel much the same way you do. Rhack is totally abusive, but I'm interested in it- they're dynamic with one another. So yeah hehe, I am trash. Thanks for the comment!! I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless. These songs screamed their relationship at me...