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terra incognita


Solitude invigorates; isolation destroys.

Cover art by Ali Gulec.

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15 tracks
3 comments on terra incognita

@dj_dim-mak The tune I´ve picked from him is much mellower than the rest of the tracks of his album. After all, this is meant to be a study/focus mix.

@dj_dim-mak Incidentally, according to the statistics, it´s the least popular tune of this mix. Like my grandma used to say "what would be of yellow if it wasn´t for poor taste".

@RabidRod I resigned myself a while back that my taste and the taste of the majority of users will seldom align. however, I've noticed my taste and the taste of the best 8trax dj's align all the time. so it goes.

and I'm really loving this mix. doing some studying for work, so it's even serving it's intended fucntion (besides being an entertaining mix)

@RabidRod Always happy to listen anything you put out! Man, since joining 8tracks and listening to your playlists I've really opened up the kind of music I listen to, so thanks for that! I think I finally made a playlist that reminds me of the way I feel when listening to your stuff...though I'm sure you've heard a lot of the songs I'd appreciate any feedback!