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I wanna tell you all my bad ideas


Gary: Ah, swim team. Intellectual stuff. So tell me, Petey, do you like watching the girls in their swimming costumes? Does that fuel your filthy little fantasies?
Petey: Gary, get out of the way!
Gary: Oh, Marian, show me your breast stroke again! Or wait... do you like the boys on the team?
Petey: Yeah right Gary.
Gary: Which is it, Petey?
Jimmy: I see you guys are getting along, as usual.
Gary: I'm just, (Hits Petey in the arm) toughening him up. Turning him into a man, or a woman, or... something.

I'm so sorry wow I just had to. This is the first playlist on here for these two.

Cover Art by: yaoimia.deviantart

18 tracks