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of wolves and mice and mildew


he only comes in golden
shards and silver shafts
only in the evening when
the light slants off the
empty canvas and the
unmade bed, and he only
comes with a sad ‘hmm’
and a bottle of pills that
once lay forgotten at the
bottom of the sock drawer
the shower gets used for
the first time in a week
when he gives a firm nudge
and there’s a list next to
the phone which used to
loom like the raging furies
his shards stab aching hands
when they stray from the
laundry basket in the corner
or the bursting dishwasher
and when muscles tense just a
touch too tightly, he is there with
dry hands to soothe that ache
with arrows meant to purge
he pins together the scraps
and sets you on your feet again

-31.7.15 [to apollon, who aids the mentally ill]

( http://iamidae.tumblr.com/ )

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