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These remind me of you


Dear Ms. Em,

To my beautiful friend, with my favourite name, here are some tunes that remind me of times we've spent together or of you in general. I resisted the urge to add any of the owl city songs I used to play on repeat in first year :) Enjoy!!


  • The Phantom of The Opera Medley (Tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber) by Danny Boy
  • The Shire (Howard Shore, LoTR Cover) by chronicle
  • How He Loves by David Crowder Band
  • Remember the Name (Instrumental) by Fort Minor
  • The Bridge of Khazad-Dûm by Howard Shore
  • Not For A Moment (acoustic) by Vertical Church Band
  • Filmscore by Moviescore
  • John powell by John Powell
  • The Drift by Blackmill
9 tracks