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Grade A Douche-waffle


Because Metatron's a little bitch and I hate him.

(Okay I threw the HSM in there because I thought it would be a funny parallel of Metatron and Gadreel.)

  • Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds
  • Simple plan (cover) by Shut Up
  • What makes you haha by paynecakes
  • Fuck You by Lily Allen
  • Carver, The Biggest Douche In The Universe by RainbowNapalm
  • Jerk new boys by Spottii Di Gioia
  • C U Next Tuesday (Demo) by Ke$ha
  • I Want It All by The Cast Of 'High School Musical'
  • Move Bitch (Get Out The Way) by vKo NoisE
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