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gentle thoughts


for lou scootie cutie. you are just??? so amazing and glorious and rad. i'm so glad we are friends, i'm so proud of you!!! i mean i'm proud of all my friends but you in particular. love u lots n lots dear.

you have a super chill, flowing taste of music it's been a pleasure finding good songs for this playlist. it's almost as gorgeous as you and your art style ;>

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!!!! oh my gosh i love this so so soooo much!! thank you and bless your perfect soul!! wow, the first song, fields, was one that my older brother and i loved a few years back and always listened to when doing stuff together and to hear it again immediately was just..aahh the best thing!! you have my taste in music down to a point, ellen! i'm going to make something for you right now while listening to this! you never fail to bring a smile to my face, and so now i hope to bring a smile to yours too!!

@aphgil !!! i'm so glad you like it you seriously have such good taste in music this was so fun to make, like all these songs match with you so well and stuff gah i'm really happy you like it >V< you always bring a smile to my face dear i'm just glad i can return the favor!!!! if you want to make me something that'd be amazing, but no pressure. really the greatest gift was knowing you liked this ehehehe ¬V¬ <3