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riding shotgun on the highway to hell


"The only thing waiting for us is despair. A despair we can't even run from. A despair that's gonna crush humanity." - ORAS 2014

Cover art by Official Pokémon Twitter, No I'm Not Making This Up

sighs.... it took me two years to post this

30 tracks
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PERFECT i ship these two so hard!! i'm also glad you decided to post this, as i know what it's like to have mixed sitting in mix-limbo for years....

@sour thank you thank you !! I have been listening to this mix personally for those years and still get sentimental because I also ship them with my whole heart <3 I wanted to share it with others cus it meant a lot to me. And yes...... lol

@ragingwhirlpool laaaate reply, but i love when people take the time to add relevant annotations/lyrics in their 8tracks mixes, so thank you for doing that too *_* you're really making me wanna go back and play ORAS