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h*ck im gay?


a playlist for when you're a kinda weird and awkward climber who has a crush on the most perfect person you've ever met and you're not sure what to do

also you enjoy awful pop from, like, 2008

(this was aimed to be toumaki but whatever floats your boat)

cover art: http://raku1000.tumblr.com/post/92189338492/0117-1000

10 tracks
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i love this mix! can i ask where you got that version of the 'gambling man' cover? i can find a version with music anywhere

@lilnaturegir104 it's a cover by The Overies but i just looked and it seems it's been deleted because of copyright?? if you look around there might be an 8tracks music downloader or something somewhere where you can download it from this playlist or something, i'm not sure tbh. sorry about that!

perfect!! i love him so much... and these songs are perfect for toumaki. most playlists seem to be from jinpachi's pov so it's nice to see one from makishima's. :)