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Finals Week Study Strings Pt 2

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Everybody seemed to like the first one so I thought I'd make another. Good luck on finals everyone. Let me know which track is your favorite!!

  • Arwen's Vigil by The Piano Guys
  • Shadows by Lindsey Stirling
  • Secrets Cover, by Bryson Andres
  • Climax (VIOLIN COVER) kika guirguis by Usher
  • Episode 55 - Phrase of the Day by NHK語学_おとなの基礎英語
  • Bryson Andres by Don't You Worry Child
  • Roar Violin Cover by natephutson
  • Paradise Violin Cover by Coldplay
8 tracks
7 comments on Finals Week Study Strings Pt 2

i am sitting here desperately trying to finish a 2,500 word essay, the hardest i've ever had to write, and i cannot stress enough how perfectly this playlist is helping me!!