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@WishingLily OMG, I don't have any opinion yet, I think it's too early to think about someone, 'cuz you know, it's Teen Wolf. But, I haven't seen Kate on the list, if it is her? I mean, she's a crazy nutjob, what if she is still obsessed with this "monster-hunter-thing" and is using what she can to kill them all? HAHAHA I rly don't know. Do you have a theory about it?

@nanda06souza Idk, like you said, it's Teen Wolf. The obvious choice is never the right one but I personally think that maybe Gerard is back (more plausible since the password was 'Allison') or Peter is playing a big game with them. I wouldn't put it past him tbh

@WishingLily Yeeeeees, Peter and Gerard are very suspicious, but I don't think Peter is behind the Benefactor. I always thought that he would come back some day as a villain, but not this time. The last scene from 3A, in the Nemeton, really creeped me out. I would love to see him again as a villain.
Actually, this is one thing that I love about Teen Wolf, the villains are human, not just some fucking bad guys. There is no such a thing as only good and only bad. They all make their own moves by their desires. If you start to think about it, if I told you during the season 1 that Chris would become a very close friend of the pack, would you believe? I wouldn't, definitely. This is the thing, the villains always turn into friends at some point of the history.

@nanda06souza That last scene was totally Peter, over dramatic and power-hungry. If Jeff caries on with the villain revamp theme then we might see him as a villain in season 5 (if there is one). And I completely agree with you, nobody on Teen Wolf is completely good or bad, they all have their ulterior motives and that's what Jeff was aiming for, I suppose. Almost anyone could be the suspect, including Parrish who's dropped so many hints about his background that I'm 99.99% sure he's a supernatural creature (or at least aware of them).