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Children of the Universe


Songs that reminded me of the Mass Effect trilogy.

Properly will add more songs to it over the next little while.

  • Merlin's Arrival At Camelot by Nancy Espinosa
    Flying on the Normandy for the first time.
  • Saturn by Sleeping At Last
    For the one left behind on Virmire.
  • Molly Smitten-Downes by Eurovision 2014 United Kingdom
    Take earth back.
  • Can't Help Falling in Love With You by Fleet Foxes
    Falling in love, even do now is really not the best time for it.
  • The Universal by Blur
    What life in space was meant to be in. Instead, Reapers happened.
  • Reapers by Muse
    There here.
  • Dead Hearts by Stars
    The dreams that happened after earth is lost.
  • How It Ends by DeVotchKa
    It's over. The universe is saved..... even if some didn't get to see it.
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