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Swiss Indie October 13


SRF Virus ist the alternative Swiss Radio Station for indie music.

Each week, I present songs and bands from switzerland, which I find remarkable.

This mixtape is a little insight on the best work, done by swiss indie-musicians.

Enjoy and share those great acts!

  • Is It Ok by Pablo Nouvelle feat. Fiona Daniel
  • Reflections On The Wall Pt. II (Gold) by One Sentence. Supervisor
  • Orion by Silver Firs
  • Living a Cliché by Weekend Phantom
  • Tie Your Nation To The Radiation Machine by End
  • Black Bird by Ekat Bork
  • Latent Debris (Album Version) by missuemusic
  • S.O.A. (The Sound of the Ambulance) by SpencerBand
  • Upper Class Hero by The Espionne
  • Before I Go by Clockworld
  • Kill Me by Clockworld
11 tracks
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