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Standing up to Demons

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cI must say, I do not add too many epic soundtrack mixes to my favorites just because there are so many of them. While I love to listen to them day in and day out, there are simply too many to be able to pick and choose which is a favorite. However, this one was one of those very rare cases where I simply knew that it had to be added. I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed this playlist, it being one of the hundreds that I have heard before. This one stood out, it caught my attention, and it kept me there with little to no effort. You have made a very rare mix to find that is different from the rest. Well done and for the sake of anyone looking for a mix like this, please do us all a favor and make more. Stay Sentient, RandomOilMan...

THANKS! I MAY MAKE ANOTHER ONE NOW! In regards to the artwork, I'm not actually entirely sure. I found it on an album I had made on my computer entitled "Epic Backgrounds"...