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Steal Me Away


It isn't very often when the two 'O.G' partners-in-crime get time alone from the rest of the crew. So one night, when it's particularly quiet, with Ryan away on a job and the lads out drinking, they write a quick note and steal away in Geoff's Zentorno. With a case of beer, two bags of chips, and an old stereo, they speed down the LS Freeway until the city is nothing but a bump in the rear-view mirror. They pull off onto a dirt road and drive for another twenty minutes, parking out on some hillside and setting up for a night of drinking. Jack pulls out the stereo and a box filled with old tapes, to which Geoff first laughed at, then excitedly started to rifle through. Leaning back, with the good old tunes playing, they talk late into the night, both bevved up and content.

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