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The Whole City Will Hear Our Drums


When I'm at powwow, I get a feeling in my chest that's a heavenly mixture of pure elation, and something that runs so deep that it's completely unexplainable.

(Cover source: http://truomega.ca/2014/08/11/inspiring-others-from-the-powwow-trail/ )

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The real deal...being a black gospel blues musician, I hear so much of myself in this. I am surprised and elated. God Bless you.

@eric-d-112657 Yes! As someone who enjoys the music of my culture so much, I wanted to get this type of music out and readily available for others to enjoy it as well. I wanted to give the option to people who would normally never even know this exists to give it a listen! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for making this play list I'm from Nquatqua which is past mount currie and it's hard to find music on the Internet

@ashleylovesalysha2014 Oh boy, I know that story. It's quite the struggle simply finding music to add to playlists, but I do my best with what I have. Thank you very much <3