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They're So Sensitive


A scrawny shell of a man stood under the only light bulb illuminating the room. "They call themselves the 'R & R Connection'." The rat squinted into the darkness to try and get a glimpse at the pair sitting in the shadows. "They're probably the most successful power couple Los Santos has seen." Suddenly the snitch was crumpled on the ground with a bullet embedded in his skull. A man with curls wild enough to match his temper stepped into the light. The man held out his arm, and a woman with hair as red as the blood on the floor gladly accepted it. "We'll see about that." she spat.

~ * - * ~ fanmix for pre-fake ah raywood pissing off literally every crime organization in Los Santos ~ * - * ~

(Cover source: http://smile-synthetically.tumblr.com/post/106675367536/together-no-matter-what )

9 tracks