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he made hell feel like home ☽


I could feel it. Every rushing moment. Reality isn't static, it soars and races, blasts against the skin. That's why you can never forget about it. If you concentrate on reality for too long the force of it rips skin from bone and then blasts bone into sand and sand into the wind, back into space to build stars and planets. That's how it works. The whole charade. Perhaps I was about to become a star. Reality hates us all, there can be no doubt about it. It wants to make stars and it resents us for harbouring its atoms. ♡**playlist for wattpad book the lost letters by quietisvioIent. thanks for listening! if you enjoyed this playlist feel free to check out some of my others. this playlist is still under construction so make sure to check back to see if i've added new songs!** ♡

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