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All Your Favs Are Ace: Poe Dameron


An aerial ace in more than one way, Poe Dameron is always ready to swoop in and save the day!

I personally headcanon Poe as a sex-indifferent panromantic asexual (who's also in a poly relationship with Rey and Finn)~

Any suggestions for the next All Your Favs Are Ace character?
Tumblr post/tracklist: https://ranebowstitches.tumblr.com/post/145687493307/all-your-favs-are-ace-poe-dameron-listen-on

28 tracks
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Okay this playlist is great. I had to laugh at "Like a G6" and I really liked the use of the Imagines Dragons song - it was a little incongruous with the classic rock numbers but it really screamed Poe. Great track list!

@going_to_graceland Haha I think Poe would love listening to Like a G6, so that's partly why I included it. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and for listening! I am so happy that you liked it!