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Kickin' Up Dust: A Fanmix


A fanmix for the story "Dust Dancers: A Weird Western" by GradyNumbers on ao3/tumblr that you can read here: https://tinyurl.com/ycjhkt95

"In the year 1860, magic and witchcraft is still being called upon as a condemning means to rid the world of particular nuisances. However, is not only witchcraft completely real hiding underneath vengeful paranoia, other supernatural beings and users carry on within the wide expanses of the American Frontier alongside gunslingers and devilish preachers.

Wes "Wrench" is looking for honest work with the up and coming Transcontinental Railroad in order to leave the troubled life of a gunhand behind. That is, until he comes across the hanging of apparent witch Grady "Numbers" in desperate need of a believer, or, better yet, a nonbeliever."

15 tracks
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