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You and Me and the Atmosphere


Aka "A Romantic Picnic in Space"

The fluffiest most romantic RickMorty playlist to ever exist.

The first time you listen, the songs are in a 'story' order. Read the annotations to read the story (or visit the link below). Not every song has annotations.
Rick is taking Morty into space for a romantic get away where they hang out, have fun, tell each other they love each other so much, they might have sex depending on how you want to view it, and then it mellows out to a sweet after glow.

Cover image by qanine.tumblr.com
Used with permission

Tracklist: https://ranebowstitches.tumblr.com/post/133296735212/you-and-me-and-the-atmosphere-listen-on-8tracks
Read the story here: http://ranebowstitches.tumblr.com/post/133296495617/this-is-the-story-that-goes-along-with-my

31 tracks
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