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Romancing the Middle East


Some of my favorite romantic Arabic songs. Includes songs by Fadl Shaker, Elissa, and Lena Chamamian.
If you want me to translate the lyrics of a particular song, I'd be happy to :)

10 tracks
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@AmehlKaren I love you so much. Love, keep in touch with me. Envelop me, touch my hand, let me forget myself in your arms, I miss you so much. Love, let my heart carry us both and let us fly away. Where are you my love? I miss you so much. Come back I never expected this to happen. I thought you forgot all about me and you won't talk to me anymore, Oh, you thief of my yearning. Your love still remains, and I can never forget you. I cannot let you go and I love you. Come back and stay with me I don't want anyone else but you