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As per typical of high school dramas, you may find that *cough* certain couples fit into the dream-like cliche: the strong dominant one that protects their other half, & the pretty affectionate sweetheart. Playing off of these ideas, plus my own liking for The Classics, may I present to you your very own mixtape, hand-picked specifically for you <3

  • Florence And The Machine by Howl
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  • Something by Jim Sturgess
  • New Romance by Millenial88
    New Romance - Miles Fisher
  • Killer Queen by Queen
  • Pigskin by HollywoodUndeadForLife
    Pigskin - Hollywood Undead
  • You are the Moon by Hush Sound
  • Song for Sienna by Brian Crain
  • Nose Over Tail by Alkaline Trio
  • Toi plus moi by corcky28
    Toi plus Moi - Gregoire
9 tracks
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