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a few words

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this is amazing mix Raquel...loved all of them (esp. loved 'Ravelo' & 'Memoires du Futur'...really really nice...ohh yes, 'Kothbiro', too)...many thanks Raquel ;)

love 'el niejo' song intro and end w/ the few words in memory of ibrahim ferrer... something like 'he dreamt for so long that it became reality' and at the end when song finishes: "yo me siento bastante completo" ... :)

".. no sé a quién.. dar gracias.. principalmente a la naturaleza.... soy un hombre que gusta hablar con la verdad"

Listening to this magical mix again and now this song 'El Niejo' song is 5th in the mix. So beautiful. I will look for it...

'Cancion Mixteca' from the Ry Cooder album to the Gustavo Santaollalla song and then to the Ayub Ogado song... so nice Raquel. Really good...