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but you are here with me

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And then the one you blipped to link to this mix... 'Stolen Dance' ...I really like this song... "...I want you we could bring it on the floor never danced like this before..."

But then this group BOY... I was listening and thinking hmmm... who is this? KT Tunstall? "...I feel you in every heartbeat..." cute song...

A third of the way through your mix this morning. Really enjoying and then a song that touches on thoughts I have had recently as the place I live now has so many birds... too many? ;) How do they decide to land in that tree? That place of rest... and here I am watching them as they come and go and seeing bird varieties I know from a thousand miles away and some I hadn't seen in a long time and they chose this place. And I chose this place and the birds don't think "what if?" but I do. And here I am. And if only I could... I remember hearing that Bill Callahan song from you and you saying "wait for it" regarding the ending. Yes... if only.

... Yes, what if:)
But, Len... I wonder why every tree trunk chosen by the birds to land, not a single one breaks down on them... They can't have 'what ifs' like that ;)