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conexão brasil portugal

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I've never been to Brazil but someday I will..:) Thank you for this Raquel..you make my morning..;) Btw, I love Ivan Lins..:)

Hi Aki! The Ivan Lins song I added here isn't a big hit, but it is such a beautiful love declaration to a simple living side of Brasil that I couldn't help it:) A Brasil inside a Brasil. A country you only get to know (and then understand 'Meu País' lyrics) visiting for a loooong time or just living there. Let me know when you are ready :)

isn't it? it's such a beautiful song...:) hello Raquel. definetly, i want to visit brasil someday!! i will tell you when the time comes.;) i ate "pastel" yesterday...yummy...:))
i'm listening to your mix again. thank you dearheart:)

Really good song too. I like how it builds... slowly modulates up. The gospel-sounding background singers are a good backing for his slightly raspy vocals.

mmmm... the Amor Electro tune... I love this song. And the accent... Portugal... yes I do hear a difference between this and the Brasilian artists. To me Portuguese from Brasil is more... earthy... heartfelt.... less precise but more expressive.