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Cover or Version? (I)

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Just finished Cover or Version? (II) and still have work to finish so transitioned to this. They are both amazing mixes Raquel.

I didn't know a couple of these songs but found one was originally by Caetano Veloso. (Você Não Entende Nada). I pulled up a YouTube of him and it looked like he was maybe 18 yrs old. He walks on to the stage shirtless w/ just suspenders and so skinny. All smiling with bushy hair and the crowd and backing band loved him. You could tell he was loved.

I feel so stupid w/ comments earlier on 'Cover or Version'. I can blame the caffeine withdrawals. I was seeing 'version' and thinking 'original'. I can be a real idiot at times.

And now 'Little Wing' by The Corrs is certainly not a "cover" but a "version". This is a great rendition of the Jimi Hendrix classic.

a version yes:) but maybe that's why generally ppl says cover for any.. it can be polemic.. difficult or not practical sometimes for a everyday talk

Problematic... :) You know in this vein Dylan often reinterprets his own songs. They can sound so different "live"