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nothing's more revealing than movement


Andy Monroe pieces were given to me by Penha de Souza, a great Martha Graham technique teacher. So sorry for its bad sound quality... Often we had exercises and sequences with his songs. The other pieces are from choreographies I enjoyed the most.

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thank you dearheart;) i don't know much about 8tracks yet, but so fun:)) now, i create new mix(Avishai Cohen, Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu...etc) i have to go now, but looking forward to listening to yours soon, Requel :)xo

hi dear Raquel, thank you very much for the beautiful track...i really enjoyed :)) i create my fav mix for you...if u have a time, pls enjoy beautiful E.Gismonti plays Palhaço on piano. And if u like "gismontipascoal..a musica de egberto e hermeto", i ULed on GS...pls enjoy anytime u like;) sending u smiles & hugs;)

Hi Aki! thank you. Is your mix on the shark place then. Should i go through that link on blip? Will try it right now :))