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Beautifully done song cycle of love unraveled and undone, the give and take of love, the trying and the crying and the emotional dying, and the turmoil and the agony of love gone. And then that ache of love unrequited that demands remembrance though it hurts so deeply.

Interesting that some of the most beautiful songs are those that speak of a love departed, or of love that is one-sided and therefore not really love but desire. Romantic love needs two.

As each song told it's own little story I found myself anticipating the next song hoping that love would find a way. My heart was hoping.

.. but love can find a way when you let go that ache of holding what can't be hold .. and love aways finds your way when first, you connect to yourself and not to a story of yourself ..
Do you remember the last song? When finally you realize it's healthy to let it go and trust in life, the departure becomes lighter... :)

"...holding what can't be held..." ...Yes... the last song felt like a letting go... but I didn't want to spoil the ending for any that may listen all the way to the end as I did.... ;) ...and so I said my heart was hoping. It still has hope, but also much doubt. But I am learning that I can't write the next chapter in my life... I have to live it and see what it writes. Letting go should fit nicely in with living, but it isn't always that easy, is it?

held raquel. 'held'! thx:)
and i agree with you, the process you go through, when the dream you are living in, finishes... painful and rich. great trees can grown from that.

Yes I suppose "great trees can be grown from that" :) ... I should have an orchard of potentially great saplings by now.
Interesting pairing of "painful and rich". Not sure all you thought when you wrote that but I think of the beauty in the bark of trees that have suffered through tough winters and summer droughts. The pain they have experienced can be seen in those imperfections, and so they have a unique beauty no other tree can boast.