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singing to the moon

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I went out to look at the night sky last night. The fireflies flickered around me, competing with the stars for my attention, as I gazed up at the moon-lit sky. The half moon cast a shimmering glow on the trees and was really the star of the nighttime show. Sharing the sky with the stars the moon graciously gave just enough light to shine on the trees but not so much as to block out the nearby stars. The magical beauty of a quiet summer night captivated me so much that I thought of sleeping outside. I will soon...

Later as I listened to the songs you chose for this magical mix I closed my eyes and near the end left the quick message from last night. Listened to some new songs to me... enjoyed the way it opened with 'Sweet Dreams' by Térez Montcalm and then 'Send Me The Moon' by Sara Bareilles... that's one of my new favorite songs. I can listen to that song again and again. Love it so...

The most magical song last night though, for me, was 'Sing to the Moon' by Laura Mvula. As I write this I am listening to that song again. "...sing to the moon and the stars will shine... over you... the heaven's gonna turn the tide..." ...What a wonderful song Raquel.

This was a perfect mix of songs for my night. Thank you :)

Your narration has added so much for this mix: thank you, Len!
"... On a summer evenin' when the corn's head-high, and there's more lightnin' bugs than stars in the sky. Ah, you get the feelin' things may be alright..." - Greg Brown's Summer Evening song :)

I'm glad you enjoyed what I had to say. This mix of songs is really special. Maybe my favorite of yours now. :) Oh and that song... you turned me on to it the first time with Gillian Welch and told me Greg Brown wrote it and sang it first. Great song. :))