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Demigod Flow


We got hell thumping beats to the rhythm of the fires burning; raps from the vaults of the underground. Been MIA from posting raw Hip Hop, and I'm sorry for that... BUT, the king is back.

Time to piss your neighbors off :)

Disclaimer: not taking responsibility for any domestic violence or fights resulting from this

10 tracks
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do you have a website you get music from? I find it impossible to find a lot of these songs. ps your playlists are sicccck bra

Most of the tracks are streamed through soundcloud... but I'd say if you dug hard enough on the web you'd find them. But no, I don't use a website. Just did a lot of digging for hip hop in highschool, fortunately found a lot of good artists :).

PS: google the random letters "plixid", maybe they have a website that exists, and then somehow get to their rap-hip-hop section if you happen to be short on $... not saying I ever go there, just a site that exists nah mean? :D