Rat Wakes Red is in a constant state of mourning and wonder. The LP "Acres" would suggest a prolonged elegy to the dead and awakening. It is a spectacle of simple sounds: piano, acoustic guitar, synths, organ, strings, woodwinds, drums, tin whistle and many, many voices. James Raftery sings, plays, plucks and blows. Jeral Benjamin returns to produce and provide violas while woodwind stars chime in to emboss the layered lather. Matt Raftery adds the needed kick from his drums while Hannah Fury lends her voice to "Always”. The ensuing song service is sung from the heavens inside, like an internal choir and orchestra. It comes from loss, change, death, and new beginnings. A slow burn of sad, beautiful dark nights of the soul.

Rat Wakes Red began as James Raftery creating songs in late night living room light. Odes to longing and loss, they found their way to producer Jeral Benjamin.Together they went into the studio and using only James’ guitar, voice, found-sound percussion, and Jeral’s viola, created “Dizzy on Daddy”, a lush, elegantly spinning song cycle of heartache and yearning. Radio quickly took notice with Rat Wakes Red charting CMJ and AAA Top 30. Rat Wakes Red has played live shows from New York City to Toronto and has opened for such artists as Bob Mould, Hayden, and Sloan.