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Love Beats


This is a mix based on my Delic and Izaya Infobrooker Orihara's Psyche and our rp on fb. Also based on my Delic hosted on heiwajimabros on tumblr and my Psyche hosted on oriharabros on tumblr as well.

  • Candy Baby by Ruth Sofia Toro Pinto
  • Sakura Kiss by Alea Sdlonyer
  • Tattoo Kiss by Kaleido Star
  • Ending SailorMoon SuperS [Rashiku Ikimasho] by UsagiKino
  • Sakura Card Captor japones by Groovy
  • Hitorijime by Card Captor Sakura
  • Wake Up Angel Full Track by Pita Ten
  • Que Sera, Sera by Ashita No Nadja
  • Boyfriend by Boyfriend
  • Mirumo No Warutsu by Mai Nakahara
10 tracks
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